KAYKAY FELLOWSHIP MONTHLY OUTLINE AUGUST 2020, Theme: The Ministry Of Satan, I Peter 5:8

AUGUST 13, 2020

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AUGUST  2020




Theme:          The Ministry of Satan, I Peter 5:8

Week 1:         August 5

Topic:            Who Is Satan?

a.                  He was Lucifer, one of the three archangels created by God and assigned special leadership attributes and positions among angels  in heaven, the others being Michael and Gabriel, Isaiah 14:12; Daniel 12:1, Lk 1:26

b.                  In creating him God took His time to assemble special resources, including precious stones and musical instruments so that he would shine as the “son of the morning” Isaiah 14:12 as he conducted the heavenly choir, Ezek. 28:13-15

c.                  But Lucifer transformed himself into an evil archangel and thus his name changed to satan, the evil one. Why? He became envious of God and thus recruited one third of the angelic host in an attempt to size power. Rev 12:3&4. He was defeated and driven out of heaven, Isaiah 14:12-17, Ezek 28:15-19; Rev. 12:7-9


Week 2:         August 12

Topic:            Satan: His Titles And Roles

1.         The Serpent- the evil genius who deceived Adam and Eve and caused them to sin against God. Gen. 3:1-6. Although he was cursed, along with Adam and Eve he caused Adam to lose his position of leadership and authority on earth, Gen. 3:14-19

2.         Devil – the evil one who terrorises the saints, Eph. 6:10-17

3.         The Prince of This World, the head of the demonic order who uses them to cause disorder and chaos, John 12:31

4.         The Dragon, the wild beast who organized rebellion in heaven but failed, to achieve his objective, Rev. 12:3&4



Week 3:         August 19

Topic:            The Ministry of Satan


(i)        He seeks to undermine or even destroy the kingdom of God on earth. This was his overriding purpose in tempting Jesus at the beginning of His Ministry, Matt. 4:1-11

(ii)       He oppresses men and women especially those who have the potential for committed service to God, Mark 5:1-20, Lk. 13:10-17

(iii)     At the end of the Temptation of Jesus He went away for a “season”, Lk. 4:13. However he returned later and tried to achieve the same purpose through Peter, one of the closest disciples, Matt. 16:21-23, Lk. 22:31-34, 55-62.

(iv)      During Paul’s First Missionary Journey, satan showed up at Paphos, using a Jew named Bar-jesus, to oppose the efforts of Paul and Barnabas to minister the Gospel to the Proconsul, Acts 13:6-11. He failed. 

(v)       As recorded by John, Jesus had exposed the strategy of the devil as a rogue, a killer and destroyer, John 10:10. Therefore no committed christian can claim ignorance of his strategies or devices.


Week 4:                     August 26

Theme/Topic:          The Ministry of Satan

Ministering:             Dr. Biodun Sotunmbi




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