You Must Pray And Not Faint, Lk. 18:1

OCTOBER 15, 2020

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Theme:          You Must Pray And Not Faint, Lk. 18:1

Week 1:         September 2

Topic:            Why You Must Pray

1.         These are extraordinary times here in Nigeria and everywhere else, as the coronavirus makes a mockery of medical science, as we know it. Even those who survive it, after a period of isolation and treatment, are still scared given the fact that it may strike them again.

2.         Coronavirus is just one out of a myriad of issues challenging the faith of even believers, namely,

            Poverty:  The poor are at the mercy of the rich and they cry unto God for succor, Job 34:26-28, Prov. 22:7

Barrenness: Barrenness is considered a reproach and the affected women are, often targets of ridicule I Sam. 1:4-18

Profound Mental Illness: The Madman of Gadara, Mk. 5:1-20


Week 2:         Sept 9

Topic:            Prayer As Praise

1.         For many christians prayer is all about kneeling down and asking God for our needs and even our wants. Which is selfish indeed.  

Sometimes we even play the Pharisee, reminding God that we keep the law – we pay tithes and offerings, we give to the poor and the needy, Lk. 18:11 & 12.  So how come we face challenges which God could have averted, we ask Ps. 13:1-3?

2.         But christians must learn to praise God for who He is, the God of righteousness, of perfection, our shield and protector, 2 Sam 22:31, Ps. 7:17

3.         When we praise Him He opens the doors of blessing from heaven, Ps. 100:1-5



Week 3:         Sept. 16

Topic:            The Prayer of Warfare

1.      Prayer of warfare is war, against who?

·              Against satan and his demons who consider it their responsibility to bring you down, Eph. 6:10-17, I Peter 5:8


·              Against the lusts of the flesh Rom. 13:14 which God admonishes believers to flee from, 2Tim. 2:22

         Why? Because it will drag them into sin which will alienate them from God, John 9:31

2.         The fight against the devil, flesh and sin requires that you choose to be on the side of God in the battle of life, that you pursue holiness in word and action Col. 3:12


Week 4:         Sept. 23

Topic:            The Prayer of Warfare – The Strategy

1.         You must have a focus

·              Parable of the Unjust Judge, Luk 18:1-8

·              The Prayer of Jabez, I Chro. 4:10

2.         Persistence. You must not give up

            *     Blind Bartemeus, Mk. 10:46-52

            *     The Syrophenician Woman, Matt. 15:21-28

3.         Add fasting to prayer, Matt. 17:20-21

4.         Make a vow, I Sam. 1:11


Week 5:         Sept. 30

Theme:          You Must Pray And Not Faint, Lk. 18:1

Ministering: Dr. Biodun Sotunmbi





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