MARCH 06, 2021

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MARCH 2021



Theme:                The Word And Its Mission Ps. 107:20

Week 1:               Mar. 3

Topic:                  The Word: Its Double Meaning

Moderator:                    Mrs. Titilola Awe

Praise Worship Leader:  Mrs. Remi Keyede


1.       The Word has more than one meaning – the Word of God which comes to man directly, through His prophets, the Holy Spirit or through circumstances. The second dimension is Christ Himself, the Son of God. 


2.       When the Word comes to man as a commandment you are expected to obey and be blessed. When you disobey or ignore it you are punished, Matt. 4:4, 1kings. 13:11-26


3.       The Word is reassuring giving hope to those who are faithful. Their prayers would be heard. God would not abandon them, Jer. 29:11-13



Week 2:               Mar. 10

Topic:                  Christ The Word of God

Moderator:                    Mr. Biodun Keyede

Praise Worship Leader:  Mrs. C.O. Afolabi


1.       As John The Beloved makes it clear Jesus was, from the beginning, the Word of God, John 1:1, Rev. 19:13

2.       The resemblance between Father and Son is spiritually striking, Hebrews 1:1-3, John 14:7-12, confirming that Jesus,was indeed the Word of God.

3.       By His Word God He created the world, John 1:3; Col. 3:16-17. The Word certainly was Jesus himself.



Week 3:               Mar. 17

Topic:                  The Word As Healer And Deliverer

Moderator:                    Mrs. C.S. Akingbade

Praise Worship Leader:  Dr. (Mrs) P.T. Sotunmbi

1.       Jesus brought from Heaven the anointing to preach, heal, and deliver mankind from satanic oppression, Lk. 4:18


2.       He transferred the anointing to his disciples, Mark 16:15-18, Matt. 10, 8

3.       He confronted the devil and defeated him, 1 John 3:8


Week 4:               Mar. 24

Topic:                  To Reconcile Man To God

Moderator:                    Mrs. Victoria Keyede

Praise Worship Leader:  Dr. (Mrs) P.T. Sotunmbi

1.       Adam and his wife sinned in the Garden of Eden when they gave in to satan’s tricks. God was disappointed and He cursed them, Gen. 3:16-19

2.       But He did not completely abandon them and their successors as they were the work of His hand. He wanted them to be holy as He was. So he sent prophets so that they would turn their back against sin. They killed the prophets, Lk. 11:49-51, Acts 7:52

3.       He sent Jesus to reconcile them to Himself although, for crucifying Jesus He could have destroyed them. He never did, John 3:17, Eph. 5:10


Week 5:               Mar. 31

Theme/Topic:      The Word And Its Mission  Ps. 107:20

Ministering:         Dr Biodun Sotunmbi

Praise Worship Leader: 

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