JULY 25, 2021

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Our mission this time was to Alagbede village on Sunday, 27th June. It was a pleasant sunny day but the road, which has been under construction for more than two years, was bumpy, more than usual, because the rains have created more potholes than ever.

Anyway  we arrived at the village at last after we have missed our way more than once.


During our last mission trip more than three years ago Alagbede was still a typical village. One of the families in our mission team, Professor and Mrs Okubanjo, had donated a deep well to the community, through the mission team. But this time many of the hallmarks of the village had disappeared. There are more modern houses and one or two more wells and poultry farm. Certainly Alagbede is becoming part of the sprawling Ibadan city.

When we had identified the original location of the village centre we settled down to our assignment – to preach Christ the Savior. Only a few more members of the community came to join the original inhabitants and they were welcomed. The leader of the Mission Team for this trip was the subdean of the Immanuel College of Theology, the Very Revd Joseph Ayodele, while the preacher of the day was the Assistant Chaplain of the Chapel, the Venerable Lanre Babalola. His theme was “Nothing is Impossible for God”, Luke 18:27.

In that verse of the bible Jesus makes it clear that things which are impossible with men are possible with God. Why did Jesus say that? Because He had earlier said that those who have riches can hardly enter the kingdom of God. The point He was making is that those who have riches tend to occupy themselves with things of the world and therefore would miss heaven. But the few who serve God conscientiously with their wealth would be saved.

He told them the situation of Zacharias, a priest, who had no children even in old age. When the angel of the Lord prophesied that he would have a child, and even call his name John, Zacharias doubted, as most men would, but God fulfilled his promise anyway, Luke 1:11-25.

So also was the case of Abraham and Sarah his wife. The angels of the Lord said they would have a son even in advanced age. The wife laughed fearing that, at the age of 90 that was impossible. But our God is faithful, nothing for Him is impossible. Gen. 18:13-14. Sarah indeed became pregnant and had a son, Isaac, Gen. 21:1-3.

Ven. Babalola told the villagers that some of them might have challenges for which have been praying earnestly for months or even years. God has not abandoned them. He would answer their prayers even if they think all hope is lost. The Woman With An Issue of Blood for twelve years did the not give up. she touched the helm of the garment of Jesus and she received her healing, instantly, Luke 8:43-48.

Those present at the outreach would not regret being a part of the assembly today. God would hear them in the day of trouble and send help, Psalm 20:1-2

Is your doctor saying your situation is hopeless he asked. God is saying no, your healing is possible, you are not barren anymore because you will conceive and have children, that your business will prosper. Why? Because He will turn things around for you for the better.

At the end of the message members of the Mission team prayed for the elders and the children. They also distributed food items, and clothing, for the villagers. The programme which attracted 36 people ended at 5pm with a closing prayer by the Subdean, Very Revd Joseph Ayodele.






August 09, 2021

The good work the Lord started, shall be truthful. Well done Sir.



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