Understanding Your Call Ex. 3:1-4

AUGUST 25, 2021

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Understanding Your Call Ex. 3:1-4

Every Christian was actually called by God Himself. In Old Testament Times He called people to various offices, king, prophet and priest.

When He called Moses the circumstances were unusual or even bizarre. The bush around him was burning, yet the plants were not burnt. What a sight! Moses must have been curious and yet afraid especially when a voice called him by his name, introduced Himself and told him what to do, Ex. 3:2-10.

From that moment Moses was no longer the shepherd that he had been. His outlook and career had changed.

The call on Samuel was also dramatic. The little boy in the Personage must have been told that there is God who created Heaven and Earth and that he must join Eli the Priest in praying to Him. But he had not seen Him. He didn’t know who He was. So when God called he ran to Eli only to be told that he was not the one who called. Eventually the priest guided Him as to how to hear from God. However, what God told Samuel was bad news for Eli. That is a different matter altogether, Sam. 3:1-14.

From that minute Samuel lost his innocence. When God speaks to you you are no longer what you were. Henceforth you are his messenger. You begin to function in a new dispensation 1Sam. 3:17-19.

However, God calls not just individuals. He calls a nation if He so wishes, especially, if He loves them, cares for them and decided to terminate their bondage. The living example is Israel which He says “…is my son, even my first born,” Ex 4:22. For as long as they obeyed and served Him He empowered, defended and blessed them, Deut. 28:1-14.

God’s ways are not the ways of humans neither are His thoughts our thoughts, Isaiah 55:8. So He does things that may appear strange and we may not fully understand why. He can call a Gentile King to service and make him the envy of his generation, Isaiah 44:28, Isaiah 45:1-5

In the New Testament Jesus “…the express image…” of the father, Heb. 1:3 expanded the scope and variety of services into which He called men and women Eph. 4:11. He turned Peter, the frustrated fisherman, into a successful fisher of men, Matt. 4:18 & 19. And Paul, the rebellious Jewish lawyer and intellectual, He transformed into a great Pastor and Missionary who confronted Satan and death for the sake of Christ. 2 Cor. 11:22-33


So God calls persons – men and women for a variety of reasons.

1.     If you have a serious problem that seems to defy solution He may invite you to Himself in order to solve that problem but, in the process of answering that call, He would expect you to serve Him with humility, obedience and diligence without looking back. Abraham was known for his obedience and faith even in extremely difficult circumstances, Gen. 22:1-12. He rewarded him with a blessing that he never dreamed of, Gen. 22:15-18.

2.     His ways indeed are not our ways. God can turn a murderer to a deliverer. We have seen the example of Moses who, in defence a fellow Hebrew, killed an Egyptian Ex 2:11-16 but he was the one God picked to lead Israel out of bondage in Egypt.

3.     He called men, who might has remained unknown beyond their community, and made them king, to preside over the affairs of His chosen people, Israel, 1Sam 9:25-27; 1Sam 10:1.

4.     On account of His love and care for you He might call you into a priestly office as in the case of Eli. But if you don’t measure up to His standards He could dishonour or even destroy you, 1Sam 2: 27-30.

5.     When He calls you to serve He would equip you with the authority to confront and overcome the challenge that are beyond normal human strength so that you can be a victor and not a victim, Matt. 10:8.

6.     When God calls you it is not to a life of ease but of sacrifice. The prophets of old lived a Spartan life, moving from one location to another, living on what was available to them such as locusts and wild honey Mk. 1:6. It was the hard life of Elisha which attracted the sympathy of the shunammite Woman who provided accommodation for the prophet, 2Kings 4:8-10.

As predicted by Joel, Joel 2: 28 & 29 there have been many more people, thousands down the ages, who answered the call to serve, in many capacities despite great persecution. As Jesus has promised they are candidates for reward here on earth and in eternity , Mk 10:29 & 30.    




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