SEPTEMBER 13, 2021

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Theme:                                Our Weapons of Warfare 2 Cor. 10:4


Week 1:                               Sept. 1

Topic:                                  Why Warfare ?

Moderator:                                    Mr. Biodun Keyede

Praise Worship Leader:     Dr (Mrs) P.T. Sotunmbi


1.       The devil is on the prowl, to harm or even destroy the children of God, I Pet. 5:8, John 10:10


2.       He tricked Adam and Eve such they offended God, lost their privileged position in the Garden of Eden, and were cursed by God,  Gen. 3:1-6


3.       He even tried to terminate the Ministry of Jesus before it started, Luke 4:1-13


4.       Other sources of problems:

          a.       Sin    2Sam. 11:1-4

          b.       Human enemies




Week 2:                           Sept. 8

Topic:                              The Prayer of Warfare: The Defensive Weapons

Moderator:                                Mrs. C.S. Akingbade

Praise Worship Leader:  Mrs. Remi Keyede


1.       The war against satan and other enemies of man is not canal.  It is not fought with human-made weapons of war such as guns, swords or more advanced weapons, 2 Cor. 10:4

2.       Because the enemies are formidable the defensive weapons are spiritual, Eph. 6:11-18

3.       Stand on God’s promises to defend you, Isaiah 54:17, Isaiah 41:10-13 and Satan will flee.





Week 3:               Sept. 15

Topic:                  Prayer of Warfare – The Offensive Weapons

Moderator:                    Mrs. Remi Keyede

Praise Worship Leader:  Mrs. Titilola Awe

1.       Pray hard in the belief that what you are asking for would be granted, Heb. 11:6

2.       Forgive your enemies because if you fail to do so God will not answer your prayers, Mk. 11:25, Matt. 6:15

3.       Stand on the promises of God. Proverbs 16:8, and remain importunate in the place of prayer, Lk. 18:1-8, Lk. 11:5-8


Week 4:               Sept. 22

Topic:                  Other Weapons – Praise, Fasting, Etc

Moderator:                    Dr (Mrs) P.T. Sotunmbi

Praise Worship Leader:  Mrs. Titilola Awe

1.       You can praise the Lord consistently and with all your energy. That may lead to an unexpected breakthrough, Acts 16:25-34

2.       Add fasting to prayer, genuine fasting, and God will make a way for you where the enemy had established roadblocks, Matt. 6:16, Isaiah 58:6-12

3.       You may even add a vow as Hannah did and God cancelled her barrenness,  I Sam. 1:10&11, 20, 21



Week 5:                                  Sept. 29

Theme/Topic:                         Our Weapons of Warfare 2 Cor. 10:4

Ministering:                             Dr Biodun Sotunmbi

Praise Worship Leader:         Mrs. C.O. Afolabi

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