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JUNE 2017





Theme:                      The Grace To Serve, John 12:26

Week 1:                     June 7

Topic:                        The Meaning of Grace

Moderator:              Mr. Biodun Keyede

Praise Worship Leader:  Dr (Mrs) P.T. Sotunmbi


1.                  Grace is the undeserved favour of God. It is kindness to someone who may not expect, not even appreciate it. Matt. 5:45.

2.                  Grace is the provision of divine mercy to man even when the circumstances demand condemnation and retribution John 3:16-17, Lk. 23:33-34.

3.                  Although God appreciates good works, even by non-believer and recommends the same to his children (Lk. 10:30-37). Yet no one can attract divine grace on account of works of mercy. It is God’s prerogative, Rom. 11:5-6, Rom. 9:14-18.

4.                  Jesus Christ Himself is Grace, the personification of God, the very source of grace, Heb. 1:1-3, Zech. 12:10.


Week 2:                     June 14

Topic:                        The Power of Grace

Moderator:              Mrs. C.S. Akingbade

Praise Worship Leader:  Mrs. Remi Keyede


1.                  For anything believers want to do God is their source of help, Ps. 46:1-3; Ps. 121:1-8. The help comes by Grace, not by power, for it is He alone that gives power to the weak, Isaiah 40:29, Zech. 4:6

2.                  It is by Grace that we are able to obey and serve God because, in most circumstances, it is difficulty to do either or both, Heb. 12:28-29, 2 Tim. 3:12

3.                  It is Grace that has brought its to Christ. Prior to his salvation man was a victim of satanic influence and oppression and an object of divine wrath, Eph. 2:1 -4, Ps. 7:11







Week 3:                     June 21

Topic:                        Serving By Grace – The Example of Paul The Apostle

Moderator:              Professor Adenike Abiose

Praise Worship Leader: Mrs. A. K. Shyllon

1.                  Paul was Pharisee, a great persecutor of Christians whom he perceived as rebels against the Jewish religion, Acts 8:1-3

2.                  By his own confession Paul was not the kind of vessel of honour he later turned out to be but for the Grace of God and His mercy, 1 Timothy 1:12-16

3.                  But following his conversation on the road to Damascus, Acts 9:1-15, he became zealous for God, preaching the gospel within and outside Palestine, taking the Word as far as Rome. He suffered numerous persecutions and personal discomfort but the Grace of God saw him through, 2 cor. 12:9.


Topic/Theme:                      The Grace To Serve, John 12:26

Week 4:                                 June 28

Ministering:                         Dr. Biodun Sotunmbi

Praise Worship Leader:  Mrs. Titilola Awe

Anointing Service


Closing Prayer






















JULY 2017




Theme:                      The Law And Principles Of The Kingdom of God, Matt. 5:7

Week 1:                     July 5

Topic:                        Defining Kingdom

Moderator:              Mrs. Joke Adebowale

Praise Worship Leader: Mrs. Remi Keyede

1.                  A kingdom is territory ruled by a king. The king is usually selected from a ruling house or a dynasty. The king or queen rules for a season and is replaced by another

2.                  The kingdom of God or kingdom of heaven is by contrast an everlasting entity, Dan. 4:3

3.                  The authority of an earthly king is limited by tradition or death but the heavenly king is unlimited by time or space. He even rules, not just in heaven, but here on earth deciding who shall be king or commoner, Dan. 4:25; I Sam. 2:7-8

4.                  This is why men ought to aspire for the citizenship of heaven rather than the current struggle in Nigeria for power, wealth, position or influence, Phil. 3:20


Week 2:                     July 12

Topic:                        The Law of Moses As The Law for the Kingdom

Moderator:              Mrs. A.K. Shyllon

Praise Worship Leader:  Mrs. C.O. Afolabi

Text:                          Exodus 20:1-17

1.            God is the source of the Law, Ex. 31:18

2.            The law was made available to the people of Israel through Moses and angels, John 1:17, Acts 7:52-53

3.            The foundation of the law is holiness, righteousness, obedience, not grace,

Rom. 7:12, 14

4.            As no one can fulfilled all the requirements of the law it has the effect of guilt on everyone, Rom. 3:19-20

5.            No one can be saved under the law but grace, Rom. 3:23-24


Week 3:                     July 19

Topic:                        Christ: The Observer and Interpreter of the Law

Moderator:              Dr. Femi Bammeke

Praise Worship Leader: (Dr (Mrs) P.T. Sotunmbi

1.                  The sermon on The Mount is actually a great teaching on the kingdom of God. The original “students” were the disciples, Matt. 5:1-3, Lk. 6:20

2.                  The principles of the kingdom derived from the Mosaic Law and the declaration of the Prophets who were the voice of God in the Old Testament. Jesus came to the world, not to abrogate, but to uphold the Law, Matt. 5:17

3.                  The foundation of the law is righteousness as prescribed by God in Lev.19:1-2 and Christ Himself in Matt. 5:48

4.                  However Jesus warns His disciples, then and now, against the righteousness of the Pharisees and the scribes and their commitment to tradition and ceremonies. These will not take them to heaven, Matt. 5:20

5.                  In addition to righteousness a key requirement is humility. It is the meek, not the proud, who will not only inherit the earth but will also have access to heaven, Matt. 5:5


Topic/Theme:          The Law And Principles of the Kingdom of God, Matt. 5:7

Week 4:                     July 26

Ministering:             Dr. Biodun Sotunmbi

Praise Worship Leader:    Mrs. Joke Adebowale

Anointing Service


Closing Prayer



























Theme:                                  You Must Love God And Your Neighbour Matt. 22:37-40

Week 1:                                 August 2

Topic:                                    The Meaning of Love

Moderator:                          Mr. Biodun Keyede

Praise Worship Leader:    Dr. (Mrs.) P.T. Sotunmbi


1a.       In the normal human sense love is the affection a person has towards another person.

b.         It is also the feeling of attachment to the opposite sex.

c.         Love is kindness, the readiness to do someone else a favour

d.         As the divine level, love is the nature of God. It is this nature that led Him to create man and provide for his needs even before He brought him into existence Gen. 1:29-30

·  God gave man dominion over all other creatures, He made him king over the earth. Gen. 1:28. He showed so much goodwill to what was, afterall, a creature that, in the end, disappointed Him. Matt. 5:45; Ps. 8:3-6, Gen. 6:5-6

·  The fall of man notwithstanding God never gave up His original project, to create and sustain a lineage of “gods” who would be part of His extended family. That is true love without parallel. Ps. 82:6; Rom. 8:14-17, Eph. 3:14-15.


Week 2:                     August 9

Topic:                        God, the Source and Giver of Love

Moderator:              Professor Bayo Odebiyi

Praise Worship Leader:  Mrs. Joke Adebowale

1.         Because God is love. He willingly offered redemption to man after his fall, John 3:16.

For man revenge would have been the easy option but God never pursued that line, John 3:17.




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