OCTOBER 09, 2022

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It was Sunday 14th August that we headed for Eni-Osa in Olorunda area of Oyo State.
It was a bright day. We, the Immanuel College Chapel Mission Team, were led by the
Dean of the College the Ven. Dr. Isaac Oyeneye, assisted by Ven. Dr. Lanre Babalola,
the Assistant Chaplain. On arrival at the premises of St. James Church, which hosted
the outreach, we were welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd of 46 villagers who were
singing choruses.
The Dean opened the event with a prayer while Ven. Babalola delivered the message
titled “Jesus The Light And Saviour.” He told the village audience that Jesus is not
only the Light but also the Saviour of the world. He is the Son of God. In addition He
is creator, redeemer and protector of mankind. As Son of God He is also God. You
cannot separate one from the other, John 14:7-10.
In Genesis 1:3 God says let there be light and there was light, which means if there
was no darkness there would have been no need for light. Darkness is evil. Hence
there was need for light, the Light of the world, John 8:12. Which means whoever is
not in Christ is in darkness.
In which case men and women who follow other gods, rather than Jesus Christ, are in
darkness. They curse their opponents when the Bible says they should bless them,
Rom. 12:14. They must give to others especially the poor and the needy, Deut. 15:11.
But a few of the villagers looked at Ven. Babalola as if they thought it was going to be
difficult to forgive an enemy. Afterall the Bible talks about eye for eye, tooth for
tooth, Lev. 24:20. However Ven. Babalola apparently read their minds. He said eye
for eye and tooth for tooth were in the context of the Old Testament but Jesus came
to reconcile, not to revenge. Where God decides that an offender merits punishment
He would apply it as appropriate, Rom. 12:19.
Jesus is the Light of the world. He is also the life, John 8:12. You must decide to
follow Him today, faithfully. You must repent of your sins. Walking in the sun is not a
guarantee that you have the Light. You can do so and still operate in darkness
spiritually. Accept Jesus into your life today and you will no more live in fear. Indeed
the followers of satan will run away from you because the mark of Jesus will be upon
you, henceforth.
The villagers listened with rapt attention. At the end of the message we prayed for
the adults and the youth in particular as they have had to stay at home, many on the
streets, as teachers of publicly-owned universities had been on strike for several
months. The outreach ended at 5:00pm after refreshments had been given to the




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