Outreach At Arulogun 1

OCTOBER 22, 2022

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                                           Outreach At Arulogun 1
On September 11 2022 we were at it again, preaching the Gospel. This time the Immanuel College Team were headed for Arulogun 1 on the old Oyo road. We had been there before, more than once, as we don’t just do an evangelical visit to a community once or twice. We go again and again until the Word of God becomes part of them.
Our Chaplain, the Venerable E.B.B. Omowaye led us this time. It was he who delivered the Message titled “Seek me and you shall live said the Lord”, Amos 5:4, Looking for something is not unusual whether they are things we had lost and are dear to us or things we desire and do not yet possess. But God is saying a lot more than that.
He says we should seek Him and be safe. He is the only God of salvation. Looking for salvation elsewhere is a waste of time for the simple reason that those gods made of human hands, those gods that exist only in human imagination are not only fake they may actually lead to death as in the case of the prophets of Baal, all of whom were not only disgraced, they perished, I Kings 18:25-40.
Similarly those who seek God in shrines, even in our time for political power or riches or influence are eventually losers, even if in the meantime, they attain fame or wealth, which do not last. Some people go to church most Sundays and yet remain in their sins, worshipping idols, struggling for chieftaincy titles, offering or accepting bribes when they should be seen as men and women of principle. Yet they quote the words of Jesus the Savior assuring believers of the attainment of heavenly rest, John 14:1-4. They are wasting their time because even while they are still here on earth God will not hear their prayers, John 9:31. Certainly the gates of heaven will be shut against them unless they repent, and genuinely too.
God says in Isaiah 55:6
Seek ye the Lord while He may be found.
Call ye upon Him while He is near.
This does not mean that God travels away to some distant place. He is always nearby. In fact for believers He is in them and around them. When they are in trouble he will hear their cry and come to their aid, Ex. 3:7-10. However when people are at ease and regard God as someone to approach only when one is confronted with challenges, such as delay in marriage, childbearing, ill health, loss of income or poor farm yields, He is not likely to listen to them. He is not Father Christmas.
After the message prayers were offered for the villagers most of whom asked, believing that they would receive. Thereafter refreshments were distributed among them, all the 45 of them.




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