What Is The Light

MARCH 12, 2018

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Theme:   Dwelling in the Light. John 8:12
Week 1:   Feb. 7
Topic:   What is the Light?
Moderator:   Mrs. Titilola Awe
Praise Worship Leader:   Dr (Mrs) P.T. Sotunmbi 

Forms of Light
a. Natural Light
Sunlight which separates day from night. Gen. 1:3-5
Moonlight which illuminates the night sky. Isaiah 30:26
Artificial light from candle lamp or firewood. Ex. 40:4

b. Spiritual Light
God Himself is the Light. Isaiah 60:19-20
Jesus, His Son, is the light of the world. John 8:1:12

Week 2: Feb. 14
Topic: Why the World Needs Light?
Praise Worship Leader:   Mrs. Remi Keyede
1. The world was originally in total darkness, without form or shape. Gen. 1:2
2. God spoke the word and there was slight. It was the light that made the world habitable because man, plants and animals cannot live in permanent darkness, Gen. 1:3-5. They need light to survive and flourish.
3. The world of darkness was the abode of satan and his hosts, after they were driven out of heaven Lk. 10:18.  They operate freely, sometimes undetected, until God intervenes, Luke 13:10-17.
4. A viper, an agent of satan, attacked Paul the Apostle on the Island of Melita but God saved His own. Acts 28:3-6.

Week 3: Feb.21
Topic: Jesus the Light
Moderator: Dr (Mrs) P.T. Sotunmbi
Praise Worship Leader:  Mrs. A.K. Shyllon

1. Jesus had existed, even in the Old Testament Times, showing the light to a king who worshipped idols and insisted that his subjects too must worship them, Daniel 3:10-15, 24:25.

2. Prophet Isaiah even makes it clear that, when He comes to the world in person, He would be the light to those who live in spiritual darkness, Isaiah 9:2. This was His primary mission to the world, to save man from satanic domination and oppression. Lk. 1:79; Lk. 1:32; John 1:3-4.

Week 4:    Feb 28
Theme:    Dwelling in the Light. John 8:12
Ministering:  Dr. Biodun Sotunmbi
Praise Worship Leader:   Mrs. C.S. Akingbade
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