Kaykay Fellowship Monthly Outline June 2018

AUGUST 04, 2018

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Theme:               Walking In Dominion, Gen. 37:8

Week 1:June 6

Topic:                    The Meaning of Dominion

Moderator: Mr. Biodun Keyede

Praise worship leader: Mrs. Joke Adebowale

1.       In secular term , to be in dominion  is to have complete  authority  over a territory and it people , Examples  are emperors and kings , especially in ancient times , who  exercise d power without limit , Dan 3:8-21

2.       At  the spiritual level , to have  dominion  is to have authority  or control and to exercise  it wisely and judiciously , seeking  to build rather than  destroy  for it own sake , Jer, 9:23-24, Ps. 103: 1-14

3.       Satan also exercise control  over forces of darkness but he seeks to kill not to build , john 10:10


Week 2:June 13

Topic:                The Problem of Sin andLoss of Dominion - The Case of Adam

Moderator: Mrs.Titilola Awe

Praise worship leader: Mrs. Remi Keyede

1.       God made Adam  in His image and likeness, a privilege he never asked for  nor deserved, Gen.1: 28-30

2.       He gave him dominion  over everything else  He  created  on earth,  including  animals  on land  and the sea , birds and herbs , Gen. 1 :28-30

3.       God  went further  He gaveAdam  the authority  to give names  to other  living  creatures , Gen 2: 19-20.  What else can anyone desire? God even  created  a  woman  and gave him to Adam as a wife

4.       The only  limit God   set  to Adam ‘s  authority  was what  not to eat – the single  type  of  fruit  to avoid , out of the hundred s of thousands available  to him  and his  wife  , in the Garden , Gen:2 :17

5.       But Adam and his wife  allowed Satan , the tempter , to mislead them into disobeying God


The consequences – God withdrew his privileges as Adam had lost his dominion to   Satan. Gen. 3:17

Week 3 :June 20

Topic:                 Jesus the restorer

Moderator: Dr Femi Bammeke

Praise worship leader: Mrs. A.K Shyllon     


1.       There is no way God could tolerate  sin more so that  Adam had no excuse for allowing  Satan to  con him  Rom 3:23, ps. 7:11

2.       But God is merciful and gracious  He  allowed  His  son  to come to the world, to set man free from ignorance, disease and affliction, LK 4:18

3.       Jesus reconciled man to God so that  eventually through his suffering  and death  on the cross man could regain dominion, Gen 2:14-18



Week 4: June 27

Theme / topic:  walking in dominion, Gen. 37:8

Ministering: Dr. Biodun Sotunmbi

Praise   worship leader:Mrs. C.O. Afolabi


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