Kaykay Fellowship Monthly Outline MAY 2018

AUGUST 04, 2018

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Theme:             Time and Eternity, Deut.33:27

Week 1:May 2

Topic:                    The Meaning ofTime: The Meaning of Eternity

Moderator:  Mrs. A.K. Shyllon

Praise worship leader: Mrs. Titilola Awe


1.       Pastor Adeboye describe time as a fragment  of eternity

2.       The dictionary says time is a concept arising  from change  experienced and observed ; a quality  measured by an angle through which  earth turns on it axis , a moment or stretch of duration on which things  happen (i) season (ii) due appointment  , hour of  birth or death

3.       Both definitions  are mathematically based

4.       However the first definition  relates  time to  eternity while the second does not directly refer to it

5.       The bible says   in the beginning Godcreated  the heaven and the earth  Gen 1:1 in the context  of our study  then does the beginning refer to eternity , time or both ?



Week 2:           May 9

Topic:                 Time in The Creation of The World

Moderator:  Mrs.Joke Adebowale

Praise worship leader:  Mrs.C.O Afolabi

1.       in creating the earth  God set out  a time schedule such that within six days  he accomplished  His   agenda  in a perfect  fashion , Gen 1: 3-31  and Gen. 8:22

2.       God  organized  the earthly  time   in season  to enable  plant andanimals and even  man to  flourish

3.       Time is also tied to human  and animal  production  and reproduction  woman usually  carry  pregnancy  for a period  of 9 months Gen 18:10  2 king 4: 14-17 while the  duration  for animal s vary with the species.




Week 3:           May 16

Topic:                 Time  And  Eternity Meet- The  Birth And Crucifixion  of Jesus

Moderator:  Dr Femi Bammame

Praise worship leader:  Mrs.Remi keyede

1.       Jesus wasborn in Bethlehem but he originated in eternity to which   he actually belongs Heb. 1; 1-3, john 1:1-5, 14

2.       His mission  on earth  was to save  man   from the oppression of the devil, and their  sin , and reconcile  them to God , Luke 4:18

3.       The mission  ended on the cross , where  He died and in the process , He defeated Satan and rose on the third day



Week 4:           May 23

Topic:              eternity absorbs time

Moderator:  Mrs.titilola Awe

Praise worship leader: 

The father, the resurrected Christ and the Holy Spirit unfold the agenda of the last days   leading to a complete d return to eternity   as prophesied by Old Testament prophet andJesus Himself.

1.       Jesus  told them  of the coming  of the  holy  spirit , his successor on earth  Matt. 16;7-11

2.       The rapture , the second  coming  of Christ  and the  event  preceding it , matt 24:30, Dan  7:7 2 thess.2:3

3.        The  judgment of the  saint   Rom 14:10


Week 5: May 30

Theme / topic:  Time and Eternity, Deut. 33:27

Ministering: Dr. Biodun Sotunmbi

Praise   worship leader: Mrs.Remi Keyede


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