Blessings And Curses – The Choice Is Yours

SEPTEMBER 11, 2018

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Theme:                      Blessings And Curses – The Choice Is Yours   Joshua 24:15

Week 1:                     Aug 1

Topic:                        The Meaning of Blessing And Curse

Moderator:              Mr. Biodun Keyede

Praise Worship Leader:  Mrs C. O. Afolabi


1.                  Every normal person desires to be blessed and the only source of real and enduring blessing is God, Prov. 10:22

2.                  But God is not the only source of blessing. Parents bless their children or curse them sometimes, Gen. 49:1-28

3.                  Why God also cursed satan because he is primarily responsible for the disobedience and wickedness which attract divine anger and the curse which follows, Gen. 3:1-6, 14-19

4.                  What then is a curse?  A curse is a negative wish for an opponent or enemy.  What follows a curse is usually a disaster.  When God is the source of the curse the impact may be generational, Ex. 20:5

5.                  What is a blessing ? A blessing is a favour, a happy wish for someone else. When the blessing is from God it includes material and spiritual upliftment, Gen. 12:1-3


Week 2:                     Aug 8

Topic:                        Abraham The Blessed

Moderator:              Dr. Femi Bammeke

Praise Worship Leader:  Mrs. Joke Adebowale

1.                  When God called Abraham it was a favour he never expected nor deserved. Gen. 12:1-3

2.                  When God told Abraham to leave his village and proceed to another unspecified place, His intention was to end his frustration, namely his bareness, and establish his family as the source of all families on earth. He was puzzled. Gen. 15:1-5

3.                  In desperation Abraham’s wife, Sarah, persuaded her husband to side-track God’s plan but the birth of Ishmael complicated matters. Yet God did not abandon them. Gen. 16:1-4:15

4.                  The covenant son, Isaac, eventually arrived and, to test Abraham’s faith, God asked him to sacrifice him to him. Abraham obeyed although God stopped the sacrifice at the last minute. Gen. 22:1-3, 11-12

5.                  Seeing the depth of Abraham’s faith God blessed him beyond his expectation. He followed up with what is known as Abrahamic covenant, Gen. 22:15-17


Week 3:                     Aug 15

Topic:                        The Curse on David – God’s Favourite Soldier and King

Moderator:              Mrs. A.K. Shyllon

Praise Worship Leader: Mrs. Remi Keyede

1.                  It was God himself who selected David as King of Israel although he was Jesse’s youngest son, I Sam. 16:1-13

2.                  He was a great man of faith, I Sam. 17:20-28

3.                  On two different occasions he had the opportunity to avenge himself on King Saul but he refused to do so saying the king was God’s anointed, I Sam. 24:4; 1 Sam. 26:5

4.                  Yet when he committed adultery and murder God cursed him.  The impact of the curse was severe 2 Sam. 12:7-12


Week 4:                     Aug 22

Topic:                        Obedience And Service – The Keys to Divine Blessing

Moderator:              Mrs. Titilola Awe

Praise Worship Leader: Dr (Mrs) P.T. Sotunmbi

1.         God blessed Adam And Eve for as long as they lived in obedience, Gen. 2:7-17. When they allowed satan to deceive them they lost everything, including their relationship with God.

2.         God sent Jesus to the world to restore man’s dominion, stolen by satan, Rom. 8:14-17. That is the greatest blessing available to man after the Fall, John 3:16


Week 5:                                 Aug 29

Theme:                                  Blessings And Curses – The Choice Is Yours   Joshua 24:15

Ministering:                         Dr. Biodun Sotunmbi

Praise Worship Leader:  Mrs. C. S. Akingbade

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September 11, 2018

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