NOVEMBER 24, 2018

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Koitilo was the location of the November outreach of the Immanuel college Chapel Mission Outreach Team. The village is about 15kilometers north of Ibadan. It is a farming community.

     It is not quite clear why the village is so named, for, Koitilo literally means "they are yet to depart"

Depart for where?

     Anyway, for the Immanuel College Chapel Mission Team, the focus was on the villagers and we were delighted to find them, 35 men, women and children.

     They are still very much there although like practically all other villages, where we minister the gospel, poverty is universal and unrelenting in 6 of the 100 communities our chapel, with the active support of the Redeemed Christian church of God, Baltimore, United States, has constructed  deep wells and these provided clean water for human consumption.

     Can we also do more? Yes, as soon as more resources are available. God is the great provider, giving manna to the Israelites in the wilderness Ex 16:14-18, while His Son, Jesus the Saviour, fed more than 4000 people when they were hungry and had nothing to eat,  Matt 15:32-39.

     Back to Koitilo, on Sunday November 11, we fed the people with the word of God. The team leader for the day was the Very Rev'd Ebenezer Idowu Ariyo, Chaplain of the Immanuel College Chapel, while the Rev. Ogungbe gave the message. He told the people that Jesus once lived among us, sharing our pains and sorrows, visiting the sick and healing them. So compassionate was He that He even raised the dead, John 11:39-44.

     At the end of His ministry on earth, He offered His life, a very painful sacrifice, which He voluntarily agreed to make, so that those who accepted Him as Lord and Saviour will not die in vain. Rather, they will rise from the dead and live with him and the Father forever.

     While the outreach was in progress, the sun was high in the sky and although the tree under which we all sat offered some shade, the heat, all of its 320 centigrade, was scorching yet, the villagers listened with rapt attention even as the preacher called for repentance, saying no one knows his departure date.

     We shared the gifts brought along from Ibadan among the men, women and children.




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