Ekeola Mission Field-Annual Convention/Mission Outreach

APRIL 08, 2019

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Ekeola is a village in the Akinyele Local Government Area of Oyo State, Nigeria. It has been the venue of the Annual Convention/Outreach at the Mission Field affiliated to the Kaykay Fellowship, Akobo, Ibadan.


For the past five years this Mission field, established by Pastor and Pastor Mrs. Timothieu Ajibade, has not just been existing, it has been flourishing.  Ekeola is the centre of the Apostolic mission of this highly motivated christian missionary couple. Their effort involves witnessing Christ to simple villagers, fellowshipping with them, identifying their immediate and long-term needs and seeking for resources from christian groups to satisfy them.


In addition to weekly fellowship sessions Pastor and Mrs. Ajibade organize an annual convention/outreach in Ekeola, drawing financial and pastoral support from big mission-based christian organisations including God-Will-Do-It Ministry and Glory Tabernacle Ministry, both of which are based in Ibadan. Of course the Kaykay fellowship is a major support-base.


The Baale of Ekeola, a muslim, is the donor of a small portion of land, now partly covered with corrugated iron sheets, in the quadrangle in front of his residence.


This is the venue of fellowships, crusades and the annual convention.  Although he does not usually attend any of these events the Baale occasionally answers a call for prayer for himself and family.


At this year’s week-long convention held between March 11 and 16 attendance from several villages numbered 100.  Several more people would have been present but for the tension in the air following the Governorship and State House of Assembly Elections held on March 9, in Nigeria. 


Nevertheless the event witnessed Revival, ministration for Widows, Programme for the Youth, Medical Outreach.


Several Ministers of the Gospel from Ibadan and Okitipupa conducted these programmes which also include prayer and deliverance sessions, door-to-door evangelism and outreaches to the following villages – Bantu, Ita Ofa, Asipa, Atiti, Fashola, Ajobo.



1.       On the night of Wednesday March 13 there was heavy rainstorm, which damaged a number of houses in Ekeola village. By the Grace of God the house occupied by the visiting ministers and some of the villagers was the only one spared. All the others were damaged. The convention venue was untouched although it was only half-roofed.


2.       In the course of the past year, additional two mission fields were established at Fashola and Idioro.  In Fashola village alone 38 young people gave their lives to Christ. We have since been discipling them to ensure that they did not go back to the world.


3.       During this year’s convention, precisely on March 16, a pregnant villager delivered on her own, without much labour. A traditional Birth Attendant should have been alerted but no one else knew that she was due to deliver as she was all alone in the room and she did not asked for help.


Thank God both mother and 

were alive and were in good shape.




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