APRIL 20, 2019

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Theme:                The Sovereign Power of God Deut. 32:39

Week 1:               April 3

Topic:                  What Is Sovereignty?

Moderator:                   Mrs. Adejoke Adebowale

Praise Worship Leader:           Mrs. C.S. Akingbade


i.        Sovereignty among men relates to the existence of supreme power, exercised by monarchs, over a defined territory and its inhabitants.

ii.       The source of that power is in the person who exercises it.

iii.      In ancient times kings or emperors exercised unlimited authority over their subjects. They made gods that their subjects must worship.  Disobedience led to capital punishment and there was no appeal, Daniel 3:1-7.  The concept of justice was as the monarch alone defined it, Daniel 3:11-15.

iv.      In our time, more and more rulers submit themselves to periodic elections.  Even most unelected kings, in varying degrees, allow public opinion to influence their decisions.

v.       God is sovereign. His decisions are not subject to approval by anyone, Ex. 3:14


Week 2:               April 10

Topic:                  The Sovereign God

Moderator:                   Mrs. A. K. Shyllon

Praise Worship Leader:           Mrs. Remi Keyede


1.       The Sovereign God is not man but spirit, John 4:24

2.       His scope of authority covers the entire universe and this includes the earth and its kings, emperors and presidents who exercise power on earth. He is the original majesty, the one whose authority is unlimited by time or age, Ps. 93:1-2

3.       While the rulers of earthly kingdoms visit terror on their people, He shows mercy even to those who do not deserve it, Luke 23:33-34

4.       Yet He visits the unrepentant sinner with His righteous justice, Ps. 90:7-9


Week 3:               April 17

Topic:                  His Reign

Moderator:                   Mrs. C.S. Akingbade

Praise Worship Leader:           Dr (Mrs) P.T. Sotunmbi


i.        He rules in council (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit), I John 2:1

ii.       His wisdom, and knowledge of himself and the world He created, are of such depth and dimension that He does not need angelic or human advisers of any kind, Isaiah 46:9-10, Job 5:8-17

iii.      Yet He has human friends that He consults on specific issues when the need arises, Gen. 18:17-19

iv.      He can turn a murderer to a saint, making him the greatest missionary after Christ himself, I Tim. 1:15-16

v.       He is all in all, Hosea 11:9


Week 4:               April 24


Theme:                The Sovereign Power of God Deut. 32:39

Ministering:         Dr. Biodun Sotunmbi

Praise Worship Leader:           Mrs. C.O. Afolabi


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