Deliverance From Bondage, John 8:36

MAY 22, 2019

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MAY 2019




Theme:                      Deliverance From Bondage, John 8:36

Week 1:                     May 1

Topic:                        The Meaning of Bondage

Moderator:              Mr. Biodun Keyede

Praise Worship Leader:      Mrs. A.K. Shyllon


i.          Bondage is the voluntary or forceful surrender of a person’s rights to a powerful individual or organization.

ii.         Therefore a person in bondage is a slave.

iii.       Individuals captured in war are usually treated as slaves by their conquerors, 2Kings 5:1-4, Esther 2:5-6

iv.        Sometimes the source of bondage is unpaid debt as the creditor becomes a slave-master dictating the terms and duration of labour as payment, in lieu of the debt, 2Kings 4:1-4


Week 2:                     May 8

Topic:                        Types of Bondage

Moderator:              Dr. Femi Bammeke

Praise Worship Leader:      Mrs. C.S. Akingbade


1.         Physical Bondage

i.          Domestic Servants.  The conditions of most domestic workers, especially in foreign countries is awful as they work long hours and are paid less than the value of their service. In addition they may become victims of violence. Example - Nigerians and other nationals who work as maids in Middle Eastern Countries

ii.         Imprisonment is a kind of bondage. The inmates live in walled compounds, for a period of time, some for life.  Their human rights are curtailed. Some may be held in chains, Judges 16:20&21, Acts 12:5-7

2.         Material Bondage

            Poverty is a form of bondage. The poor cannot aspire to the status or lifestyle of the rich, Prov. 10:15. He may even be hated by his neighbour simply on account of his low social status Prov. 14:20

3.         Mental Bondage

            Consumption of hard drugs including cocain, heroin, tramadol, marijuana, codein and fentanyl often affect the brain and the nervous system negatively, such that the victim is, at some point, unable to function normally anymore while others succumb to slow, agonizing death.


4.         Spiritual Bondage

            Prolonged illness may well be a manifestation of spiritual bondage. The Man By the Pool of Bethesda, for 38 years, was a living-dead until Jesus delivered him, John 5:1-14


Week 3:                     May 15

Topic:                        Jesus Will Set You Free

Moderator:              Prof. Adenike Abiose

Praise Worship Leader:      Dr (Mrs) P.T. Sotunmbi


i.          Satan is the slave-master.  Adam and Eve were living in freedom until satan tricked them into entering his slave-net, Gen. 3:1-6. The consequences, Gen. 3:8-19

ii.         Jesus, the son of God, came to the world to set man free, John 8:36. Those who refused the offer of freedom remained in bondage, John 8:31-33

iii.       The devil goes about seeking whom to destroy, I Peter 5:8

iv.        Jesus came to destroy the works of satan so that man would return to spiritual Eden, I John 3:8


Week 4:                     May 22

Topic:                        How To Avoid A Return To Bondage

Moderator:              Mrs. Titilola awe

Praise Worship Leader:      Mrs. Victoria Keyede


i.          Be involved in The Great Commission, Matt. 28:19-20, Mk. 16:15-18

ii.         Avoid sin because God will not tolerate it, John 9:31

iii.       Help the poor and the needy, Lk. 6:38

iv.        Pray for the leaders of the church and the state, for peace, progress and stability, I Tim. 2:1-4

v.         Avoid ungodly association with non-believers, 2 Cor. 6:14-17


Week 5:                     May 29

Theme:                      Deliverance From Bondage, John 8:36

Ministering:             Dr. Biodun Sotunmbi

Praise Worship Leader:      Mrs. C.O. Afolabi


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