Mission To Bamigbola

JUNE 03, 2019

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Mission To Bamigbola


Bamigbola village had been waiting for the Immanuel College Mission team since the second Sunday in March but the Nigerian National and State Elections had interrupted our mission plan. The tension which follow followed the declaration of results did not help matters as there was threat to life and limb here and there.

Ultimately the Mission Team made the trip to the village on Sunday May 13. The venue was the expansive compound of the ultra modern Saint Andrews Anglican Church, Igboelerin, Off the Old Ibadan-Oyo Road.

The welcome party was led by the Vicar, the Rev. E.D. Olayioye and his family.  The villagers, all 74 of them, burst into rapturous praise worship thanking God for our safe arrival, and the Holy Spirit who led us in. Other choruses followed in quick succession, recalling the sacrificial death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus who did so much to save and reconcile man to God.

The Message was delivered by the leader of the Mission Team, the Very Revd Ebenezer Idowu Ariyo, Chaplain Immanuel College Chapel. The text was  Paul’s often-quoted desire for full knowledge of Christ His power of resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, Philippians 3:10.

To have knowledge is to have a deeper understanding of Jesus the Saviour because He is the Way The Truth and the Life, John 14:6.

The villagers listened with rapt attention as the preacher spoke about Paul’s total commitment to the Gospel. He wanted the power of resurrection so that he too could perform miracles as Jesus the Master did. He did not ask for power so that he could fight his enemies and defeat them. That was not his aim. Jesus asks us to pray for our enemies, not to curse them as many of us do. He even says we should forgive them as He Himself did on the Cross. He could have cursed them and the curse would have taken effect as in the case of the fig tree, which pretended to be carrying fruit, when it had none.

Knowing that some of the villagers might be non-christian the Preacher said all they need is Christ in their lives. If they have Christ then they have everything. That does not mean that they would not have challenges but Jesus is the only source of deliverance and healing. He is the great provider. He is the source of life.     

After the message refreshments and clothing which we brought along from Ibadan were shared among the villagers.

We prayed for the sick and the oppressed following which the Mission Team departed for Ibadan.





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