JUNE 28, 2019

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Theme:                            Ask And You Shall Receive – Any Preconditions? Matt. 7:7

Week 1:                           June 5

Topic:                              Why Did Jesus Make This Promise?

Moderator:                               Mrs. Remi Keyede

Praise Worship Leader:           Mrs. Joke Adebowale


i.        He knows that man is always in need, in one area of life or another, which is why, after creating Adam God went ahead to create Eve – as his helper, Gen. 2:20-22

ii.       Jesus further addresses this issue in His sermon On The Mount assuring believers that the Father would take care of their needs, Matt. 6:25-32

iii.      There is however a precondition, stated explicitly in verses 33 & 34. What is that condition?


Week 2:                           June 12

Topic:                              God The Great Provider

Moderator:                               Mrs. A.K. Shyllon

Praise Worship Leader:           Mrs. C.S. Akingbade


a.       Whatever the size and nature of our needs He can provide for all.

b.       How?

i.        He is an all sufficient God. Because He is Almighty He created, owns and controls everything in the universe and He can, on account of His mercy, make them available to whomsoever He wishes, Haggi 2:8, Ps. 50:9-12

ii.       He can make the poor rich and actually banish poverty from his family forever, I Sam. 2:7-8

iii.      Condition. Do not grieve the Holy Spirit, Eph. 4:30






Week 3:                           June 19

Topic:                              Satan The Negative Giver

Moderator:                               Mr. Biodun Keyede

Praise Worship Leader:           Mrs. Titilola Awe

i.        He tells lies to men, knowing that that would lead them to destruction, Gen. 3:1-6, 16-19; John 8:44

ii.       Pretending to be Peter’s friend Satan encouraged him to deny any knowledge of or association with Jesus following His arrest, Lk. 22:31-34, 56-62

iii.      Satan has nothing to give but pain and sorrow, especially to innocent people, Job 1:8-22, Job 2:3-8


Week 4:                           June 26

Theme:                            Ask And You Shall Receive – Any Preconditions? Matt. 7:7

Ministering:                    Dr Biodun Sotunmbi

Praise Worship Leader:           Mrs. C.O. Afolabi


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