Divine Visitation: The Ministry Of Angels

DECEMBER 06, 2019

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May 2019

Theme:  Divine Visitation: The Ministry of Angels


Does God Visit Humans?

Yes, He does, especially, but not exclusively, believers. He was a regular visitor to the Garden of Eden asking after the welfare of his first human creation, Adam and Eve. And for as long as they kept their head He was there, showing fatherly love and care. But when they lost their way He not only kept away, He drove them out of their comfort zone.


As He was then, so is He now. In Gen. 18, He visited Abraham and Sarah, but this time, in the form of three angels who appeared as human strangers, passing by.

When invited in by Abraham they delivered a message – that Sarah would conceive and deliver the long-promised son in nine month’s time. It did not matter that Sarah did not believe. God would bring His promise to fulfillment anyway Gen. 18:1-15. That you do not believe His Word is your problem, not His, although it is foolish to doubt Him-His word is His bond, Num. 23:19


So, in this matter of visitation God is not limited to one option. As He did to Abraham so He did to Gideon, in angelic form, Judges 6:12-22 and to Moses through the burning bush, Ex. 3:1-6.


Even in our time there are people, some of whom are non-christian, who say that Jesus had visited them. That you have not received any such visitation does not mean it has not happened. But, in most cases, God sends His angels to people He wants to reach, for a variety of reasons, which are discussed later.


Angels and their Ministry. The ministry of angels is the ministry of the divine. Wherever they go, and whatever they say or do, it is on the instruction of God. They have no independent existence or initiative.  Even the satanic host, rebellious as they are, are not allowed to act beyond the boundaries set by God, Job 1:12, Job 2:6


Archangels. Our God is a God of order. No one knows how many angels He created except the Father Himself but everyone of them knows his place.  There were, initially, at least 3 archangels, the chiefs among these heavenly servants of God. They are Michael, Lucifer, and Gabriel. Michael is responsible for military or defence matters, Daniel 10:13, Jude 9, Rev. 12:7-9. Gabriel is responsible for special assignments such as the foretelling of the birth of John the Baptist, the forerunner, Lk. 1:13-19 and the annunciation of the birth of Christ, Luke 1:26-33.


Lucifer was responsible for the organization of the heavenly choir, a position of great privilege. Ezek. 28:13-14. But when he rebelled against God he was removed and driven out of heaven. Since then he has been known as satan, the evil one. The angels, who supported his failed coup, went down with him and they have since been known as demons, Rev. 12:1-4, 7-9, Lk. 10:18.


Appearance. Angels are spirits and are therefore not normally visible to humans. But they have the power to take on the human form when they are sent to deliver messages or minister to men. They might appear in white apparel, John 20:11 and 12; Acts 1:10-11.  They may also take on normal human apparel. In which case their human guest may not be aware of their status until they disclose their mission or, in some cases, until after their departure, Gen. 18:1-16. So angels do make physical appearance but sometimes they deliver their messages in dreams or visions, Acts 10:1-8.


Do angels have wings? Yes they do. The Cherubim positioned at the east of the Garden of Eden, to prevent the reentry of Adam and Eve, Gen. 3:23-25. These angels have four faces and four wings, Ezek. 1:4-6.  The Seraphim, on the other hand, have one face and six wings,  Isaiah 6:1-2.


The Ministry of Demons. Demons are satanic messengers whose operational goal is to misrepresent God in the lives of human beings, including believers, to inflict misery and cause havoc in the lives of individuals and organizations.


The following demonic types can be identified by their operational plans and purposes.


1.         The spirit of fear 2Tim. 1:7, the kind of fear that leads to bondage from which men cannot escape, Rom. 8:15 unless they are delivered.

2.         A lying spirit, 2Chro. 18:18-22 personified by satan himself, John 8:44

3.         A familiar spirit or spirit of witchcraft, I Sam. 28:7

4.         Spirit of infirmity which turns the victim into a physical wreck, Lk. 13:10-12


The Ministry of Angels. On the other hand the ministry of angels is God-centred and can be summarized as follows:

a.         to secure believers against satanic and human enemies, Heb. 1:13 & 14; Ps. 34:7

b.         to bring comfort and hope to those who have given up on life, I Kings 19:1-7

c.         at the point of death angels are present to take the saints to paradise, Lk. 16:19-22

d.         While demons are satanic emissaries spreading discomfort and violence angels are messengers of divine love, mercy and peace. 


The difference is clear.





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