I Am The True Shepherd

MAY 19, 2017

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KayKay Fellowship
August, 2016
Theme: I am the True Shepherd
Week: 5, 30th Aug.
Ministering: Dr Biodun Sotunmbi
Text: John 10: 1-15
1. Jesus makes it clear that He is the true shepherd while others who
claimed to be shepherd ate thieves and robbers. Why?
(a) Because, false shepherds are gate crashers. They do not enter through
the door. They climb over the fence.
(b) On the other hand as soon as Jesus approaches the door the porter,
recognizes Him as the leader and opens the door.
(c) The sheep hear His voice, He calls them by name and they fellow Him
even as He leads them out to pasture.
(d) They will not follow a stranger because they would not trust Him as he
may harm or even abandon them.
2. The implication of what Jesus is saying in this parable is as follows:
(i) There are two categories of shepherds — the pretender or deceiver who
is in the business for the money or some other destructive motive. (John
10 vs 8).
(ii) The other category is the sincere and committed one whose desire is to
feed, nurture, guide and defend the sheep even with His own life. (John
10 vs 16 -18).
3. How does this parable relate to us, the disciples of Christ?
The sheep are weak and defenseless. Unlike lions sheep have no claws.
Their teeth are not designed to tear flesh or crush bones. So are men
when confronted by Satan or his demons. Without divine help the devil
will steal, harass or destroy them. Jesus is our defender, our source of
strength, (ll Cor. 12 vs 10).
Satan afflicts while Jesus heals, (Luke 13 vs 10 - 17).
Our defence against satanic attacks is not physical because the devil is
a spiritual being (Eph. 6: 11- 17)
4. Two of the parables told by Jesus confirm his abiding commitment to the
lives and wellbeing of His sheep. These are the Parable of The Lost Sheep
and The Parable of The Lost Coin. (Luke 15: 3-10).
In the case of the lost sheep, one out of one hundred, the shepherd left the
ninety nine certainly in the confidence that they would stay together, out of
harm’s way, while he looked for the lost one until he found it and brought it
back to the sheepfold. As for the lost coin, one out of ten, the owner spared no
effort, looking diligently for it, until she had found it.
Most human shepherds would probably consider the loss of one sheep as an
unfortunate event but consider the stress and risks involved in searching for it
as either a distraction or an unnecessary waste of time and resources.
But not Jesus, the true shepherd who would visit a sinner in order to save him
(Luke 19: 1 - 10). He does not have to but He does even today, speaking to the
heart of a convicted armed robber, just as He died on the cross, centuries ago.
(Luke 23:39-43).
Jesus indeed is the true shepherd. He loves, cares, encourages, admonishes,
His sheep. He heals, delivers and saves without counting the cost.
All of us who claim to be leaders in His church, irrespective of our ranks or
titles, must do the same.
Otherwise Satan, the false shepherd, will continue to have a field day,
destroying what it cannot create




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