Mission To Yege

MARCH 13, 2020

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Mission To Yege


Our last mission visit to Yege was four years ago in the midst of the rainy season. So we had a wet outreach, everyone of us, including, surprisingly villagers who stayed put with us in the open space, the quadrangle at the centre of the village. It was dry but cloudy when we started with the opening prayer by our then Chaplain, Venerable Dr. Cornelius Adagbada, who has since been elevated to the episcopacy at Oke Ogun Anglican Diocese.


So what is the difference this time? Our latest trip was on Sunday 9th February 2020, in the midst of a harsh dry season, with outdoor temperature at 36oc. No thanks to Climate Change which brings unusually heavy rains, in the wet season, follow by very dry period accompanied with very high temperatures.  


We took refuge under tall leafy trees at the entrance to the village and it was in this arena that the villagers streamed in, in ones and twos, at the onset, some of them battling with droplets of sweat, and we, the Evangelists too.  So Climate Change has its challenges and everyone is trying to adapt to it.


Thus, after the opening prayer by the Very Revd Felix Ogunbisi, Director of Mission, Immanuel College of Theology, and our team leader for the day, the message followed. The Very Revd Joseph Ayodele, who delivered the sermon, appropriately, settled on the theme “When Challenges Come”. He told our village congregation, now 63 in number, that our monthly trips to villages are in obedience to divine command, Matt. 28:19&20 and no Climate Change would deter us. It is God who empowers us.  It is His Grace, not our efforts. Without Him those efforts would be meaningless. God wants us all to examine His Word and live according to His teachings, Col. 3:16.


In life there are challenges.  These may manifest as delay in getting a marriage partner. For married couples there may be delay in child bearing. For others it may be in the form of inherited diseases or poor returns from business. When you experience any of these problems where do you go? During the time of Prophet Elisha the inhabitants of Jericho could not drink the water flowing on their land because it was bitter. The land itself was barren as their farm-yield was poor.


What was to be done?  They did not go to a traditional god to complain. They took their case to Elisha the Prophet. God heard their cry and restored their land and water, 2Kings 2:19-22.


So don’t take your problems to traditional healers. They will make your matters worse. Go to God on your knees. Take your problems to Him. His door is open. Remember His words

            Ask, and it shall be given you;

            Seek and ye shall find, knock,

And it shall be opened unto you, Matt. 7:7


Whatever challenges you are experiencing, with faith you will overcome them, Matt. 11:28. But avoid sin. God does not hear the prayers of sinners. He would not answer them, John 9:31.


After the message the villagers were requested to pick from the large volume of clothing and shoes we brought along from Ibadan. The gifts were donated by the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Baltimore Parish, Maryland, USA.  Thereafter the Very Revd Felix Ogunbisi said the closing prayer.




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