MAY 16, 2020

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MAY 2020





Theme:                Witnessing:  What It Takes, Matt. 28:19 & 20

Week 1                 May 6

Topic:                  Witnessing For Who?


a.       Of course you witness for Christ, the Saviour.

b.       But there are people who witness for their god. The prophets of Baal were always ready to promote it as they did on Mount Carmel. They failed woefully. On the other hand the real God showed up for Elijah and wonders happened, I Kings 18:17-39.

c.       Witnessing for Christ is a very serious matter. It is a command from the Lord Himself. For believers, it is an obligation, not an option, it demands your all, Matt. 28: 19 & 20.


Week 2                 May 13

Topic:                  Why Witness And to Whom?

a.       When Jesus came to the world His assignment was to represent the Father to the Jews and the entire human race, John 8:12-19.  His mission had been predicted by several Old Testament Prophets, Micah 5:2, Isaiah 9:6&7, Isaiah 53:1-12.

b.       Given the enormity of the task He appointed 12 disciples and later another 70 to assist Him to promote the message of salvation, to emphasize the need for repentance, as a precondition for entry into the kingdom of God, Luke 13:22-24.

c.       These were the initial testifiers, those he taught and empowered Matt. 10:8 to whom He released the secrets of the kingdom, Matt. 13:10-13.

d.       Before His death He commissioned them – asking them to take the gospel beyond Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, to the entire world, Acts 1:8










Week 3                 May 20

Topic:                  What It takes


i.        You must have faith, that Jesus will be with you wherever you go, preaching the gospel, Matt. 28:20

ii.       In the course of your mission you must rely on the Holy Spirit, who will empower you for the assignment, Acts 1:8, Mk. 16:17 & 18

iii.      The powers of the world will persecute you just as they persecuted Jesus, John 15:20

iv.      To succeed you must resist them and satan their motivator, James 4:7.  Be sure of one thing, however, whatever may be the obstacles on your way Jesus will not forsake you. He is faithful, Heb. 13:5


Week 4                 May 27

Theme:                 Witnessing: What It Takes, Matt. 28:19 & 20

Ministering:         Dr. Biodun Sotunmbi

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