Operation Under The Anointing

MAY 19, 2017

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KAYKAY FELOWSHIP NOVEMBER 2015 MONTHLY TEACHING OUTLINE THEME: Operating Under The Anointing Isaiah 10:27 WEEK 1: November 4 TOPIC: The Meaning And Purpose of Anointing MODERATOR: Mr. Biodun Keyede PRAISE WORSHIP LEADER: Mrs. Joke Adebowale 1. The Meaning of anointing
To consecrate a person, place or something with Holy oil and thereby set the person, place or thing aside for special use.
Whoever / whatever is anointed is conferred with the authority or power to serve a superior being, the anointor 2. There are two classes of anointor a) God or his representative who is usually a prophet or priest b) Satan or his agent who may be a satanic prophet or priest 3. The anointed in (a) above There are 3 categories
Prophets, 1 king 19:16, Jer 1:5
Kings, 1 Samuel 10:1
Priests, Lev 8:12 4. The anointed in 2(b) above
False prophets e.g. The Witch of Endor, 1 Samuel 28:7
The maid with the spirit of Divination, Acts 16:16-18. These satanic agents were spiritually anointed, not physically with oil as in case of God’s anointed prophets, but with blood. WEEK 2: November 11 TOPIC: Elijah the Tishbite – Great Anointing, Mighty Works MODERATOR: Dr. Femi Bammeke PRAISE WORSHIP LEADER: Mrs. C.O. Afolabi On account of his great anointing Elijah served God and his generation with distinction 1. He predicted a three year drought as punishment for the disobedience and idolatry of King Ahab and Jezebel, his wife. God upheld the prophecy, 1 Kings 17:1, 1Kings 18:1, Luke 4:25.
He raised the dead, 1 Kings 17:21-22
He destroyed the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel, 1 kings 18:20-40
Denounced Ahab for the murder of Naboth and seizure of his vineyard 1 kings 21:17-24
Divided River Jordan, 2 kings 2:8
Appeared at the Transfiguration of Jesus along with Moses, Luke 9:27-31
Went to heaven in a Chariot of fire 2 kings 2:11
Anointed Elisha as his successor, 1 kings 19:16, 2king 2:11-12 2. Elijah’s human side
After the successful campaign against the prophets of Baal Elijah ran away when threatened by Jezebel 1 kings 19:2-4; 14 WEEK 3: November 18 TOPIC: Anointing Without Limit – Jesus The Christ MODERATOR: Professor Adenike Abiose PRAISE WORSHIP LEADER: Mrs. Remi Keyede 1. Jesus was many authorities rolled into one. There is no limit to His anointing no boundary
He was prophet Deut. 18:15
High priest, Heb 8:1
King, Matt 2:1-2
Teacher of the word of God, John 1:38
Head of the church Eph 5:23 2. His overall authority over creations including satanic forces is reflected in His mission statement in luke 4:18 as predicted by Isaiah 61:1-2 3. All the great works performed by Old Testament prophets were done on His instruction or inspiration, 1 kings 18:1, 2kings 9:1-3
His miracles were exceptional, limited only by unbelief, Matt 13:57-58, Matt 17:19 and 20
For all believers He has given us authority over sickness and disease, satan and demons, Mark 16:16-18, John 14:12 WEEK 4: November 25 TOPIC: Operating Under the Anointing, Isaiah 10:27 MODERATOR: Dr. Biodun Sotunmbi PRAISE WORSHIP LEADER: Mrs. A.K. Shyllon Anointing Service Testimonies / Anouncements Closing Prayer




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