Theme: The Healing Anointing, Matt. 10:1

JULY 09, 2020

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July 2020


Theme: The Healing Anointing, Matt. 10:1



Week1           July 1

Topic:            Anointing – What It Means

1.                  To anoint is to consecrate a person and thus set him or her for holy office for special service. The Anointor  is God Himself although He delegates  His servant to perform the task, Ex 28 1-4

2.                  The process involves the pouring of oil on the head of the anointed, a symbol of the flow of authority from the Sacred Throne in the heavenly sanctuary, Ex 29:5-7

3.                  In the Old Testament, those who were so anointed were Priests, Kings 1Sam 9:27 and 10:1, 1Sam 16:12&13

4.                  And Prophets too. God Himself called to His service Elijah , 1Kings 17:1-5, Elisha, 2Kings 2:11-14, Isaiah 6:1-12


Week 2          July 8

Topic:            Healing, The Gift of God

1.         No one can heal the sick without the power of God who gives the gifts to men, I Cor. 12:4-9

2.         The carriers of the healing anointing never make loud claims about their extraordinary powers, unlike many Pastors and Prophets of our time. Elisha revived the dead womb of the Shunammite Woman following which she had a son, long after she had accepted barrenness as her lot, and when the son died He brought him back to life, 2 Kings 4:8-37

3.         There are of course those who arrogate to themselves the power to do the miraculous. Like the 7 sons of Sceva they do not possess genuine anointing. They seek to fraudulently acquire the power to deliver or heal, Acts 19:14-17

            Their target is undeserved fame or riches.


Week 3          July 15


Topic:            Jesus: The Source And Dispenser of the Healing Anointing

1.         Can Jesus give anyone the power to heal without the authority of the Father?

This question does not arise because He and the Father are one, John 14:7-11. So whatever He does He does it on behalf of the Father.


2.         Being son of God His anointing was unlimited John 3:34 whereas for men their anointing varies from one level to another, Ephesians 4:7, 2Cor. 10:13




3.         Just consider a situation whereby someone with a long-standing sickness, a hopeless case, struggled to touch the helm of the garment of Jesus and was instantly healed, Lk. 8:43-48


4.         Or a madman in whom at least 5000 demons were operating, suddenly encountered Jesus and without a word from Him, prostrated, asking for mercy, Mk. 5:1-7


5.                  Or, indeed, the dead, in total obedience to His command, came back to life, very quickly, no excuse for delay, Lk. 7:11-15, John 11:39-44,


Week 4          July 22


Topic:            Anointing for Healing: Post Resurrection


1.         The explosion of christian evangelism worldwide in the post resurrection age had been predicted by Prophet Joel. Henceforth, the works of wonder would no longer be the exclusive preserve of a handful of Old Testament Prophets, Joel 2:28-29


            Jesus confirmed this when He inaugurated the 12 disciples and the 70, giving them the power to heal and deliver those in satanic bondage, Matt. 10:8, Luke 10:1, 9, 19


2.         Before his departure Jesus told them to wait in Jerusalem for power, after the Holy Spirit had come upon them, Acts 1:8. That was the anointing which they received on the Day of Pentecost, the anointing which enabled them to heal the sick, raise the dead and confront satan and his demons, Acts 3:1-8, Acts 9:32-34


3.         Indeed such was the level of anointing in Peter that his shadow healed the sick, Acts 5:14-16 while Paul healed many with his handkerchiefs, Acts 19:11&12


4.         Even in our time anointed men and women of God are still in the business of healing in the name of Jesus.


Week 5                      July 29

Theme:                      The Healing Anointing, Matt. 10:1

Ministering:             Dr. Biodun Sotunmbi

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